On the festival I also wanted to present my new album which is called “Unusual Story”. But at the time of my little accident I was in the middle of recording, so unfortunately the release is delayed. I recorded about half of all the material.
But with the material I recorded so far I am very satisfied and on the 20th I will play several of my new pieces. On my new album Eric Coenen again plays the bass guitar, Sjoerd Rutten plays the drums and Will Maas has joined us to play keyboard. With the addition of Will I extended the sound I created on my first album “It’s Never Too Late”. The concept though is quite similar. About half of the material are songs of my own and the other half are existing pieces but played in my own way.

If you are interested in my new cd you can let me know by sending an email to unusualstory@gerardboontjes.com. As soon the cd is available I will let you know.
I also plan to make the cd downloadable. on Itunes.
The Festival is held in the Hof Theater in Raalte and lasts two days. My performance is on Sunday April 20th from 16.00 hours until 16.30 hours. What time I will appear in the eveningprogram of Tommy Emmanuel I don’t know. The best thing to do is to visit the website of the Hof Theater.

So maybe we’ll meet on April 20.

May 26, 2006

Check out the new photoalbum. You can now easily scroll through a selection you have chosen.
Pressphotos can be found under a separate link: photos.gerardboontjes.com.

CD Presentation April 5
The official release party of my album "It's Never Too Late" was finally held at April 5 in Paradox Tilburg. It was a great concert. The venue was packed and everybody had a good time. The concert was taped on audio and film and the material is now being mixed and edited. I hope to publish some material on the website very soon.
My fellow musicians Eric Coenen on bass and Sjoerd Rutten on drums were a great support and it was fun having Ton Engels as my guest and to play two duets with him on stage.

Natalie ends her promotionwork
Natalie Lukkenaer has done the promotion round the official release party.
I want to thank her for everything she has done for me.
She continues managing the band Ruby-Q. From now on her emailaddress (natalie@gerardboontjes.com) is no longer in use.

Gigs May 27 and 28
Saturday May 27th I open the concert of John Standefer with a 20 to 25 minute performance. This will take place in the Kulturhaus Passage 3 in Raalte.
The evening begins at 8 o'clock.
Sunday May 28 I play at the yearly event of the famous Dutch fingerstyle guitarplayer Harry Sacksioni.
I will perform from 15.00 till 15.45 hrs. Harry will then end the day with his own performance from 16.00 till approx.17.00 hrs.
I consider it an honour to be invited by Harry to be the guest guitarplayer on this yearly event.
The event will take place at the Koningstheater Triniteitsstraat 19 in Den Bosch.

New gigs
There are a couple of new gigs that can be mentioned.
October 3 at De Naald in Naaldwijk and November 19 at De Kulturele Kater in Oud Alblas.
Check out the giglist.

April 13, 2008

Newletter April 13 2008:

Subjects of this newsletter:

- Handicap by broken hip
- April 20th – Acoustic Strings Festival – Raalte
- The release of my new album “Unusual Story”
   is unfortunately delayed

On March 22 I unfortunately broke my hip due to a fall. For quite some time it was not sure if I could do my performance on the Acoustic Strings Festival. Only this week I could decide to do my performance there because I could make good arrangements with
the organisation of the Acoustic Strings Festival. I will play on the festival together with Eric Coenen on bassguitar, Sjoerd Rutten on drums and Will Maas on keyboards. I have been looking forward to this performance for a long time.
It is quite special to me because after my own performance at 4 o’clock in the afternoon I will appear as a guest in the evening performance of Tommy Emmanuel, together with my band. The intention is to play a couple of songs from the album “The Day The Fingerpickers Took Over The World” that Tommy made with Chet Atkins in 1997.